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[Must See] the Real Estate Photos You Absolutely Don’t Want to Have!

Aug 8

Realtor websites with terrible real estate photos are a lot more prevalent than you may have ever guessed. If you’re a new agent or buyer, this fact will become evident very quickly. The number of bad listing photos on the internet is quite shocking. 

It’s hard to imagine that after going through a professional real estate certification process, agents would still include mind-blowingly bad real estate photos on their websites. Yet, here we are! 

If you think bad equipment may be to blame, well, in many cases you would be right on the money. However, some of the most terrible real estate photos we’ve seen were actually taken with high-quality equipment. They were great shots of absolutely terrible ideas. 

Always use professional-grade real estate photos

This reinforces our mission of providing professional-grade real estate photos that entice buyers into wanting more information about the property. They can provide that initial spark of interest that may eventually turn into a successful client relationship and transaction. 

Professional high-quality photos not only attract more visitors to your website but can also help make your website more SEO-friendly. However, Google is constantly changing its algorithms that determine how rank-worthy your content is. 

Trying to keep up with all these changes brings another set of challenges to add to your day-to-day. 

Showcase IDX plugin

Instead of trying to chase the Google SEO train, you can use the Showcase IDX plugin for your real estate WordPress websites. This powerful plugin was developed with SEO best practices in mind and provides the bulk of the SEO benefits you will ever need. 

Research has shown that having quality real estate photos can increase your chances of selling your listings by up to 32%. Not only that, but the impact of great photos can help you sell the property at even higher prices. 

Using Showcase IDX on your website allows you to pull in a feed of property listings from your local MLS. Now your website visitors can go on self-guided tours at their own convenience from anywhere, anytime. 

Integrating IDX on your website gives your visitors user-friendly search features that help them browse great-looking real estate photos and interactive map search. 

Showcase IDX provides smaller businesses with “big company” capabilities that help level the playing field with their larger competitors. Your website will always get up-to-date listings of your MLS properties. In addition, Showcase IDX provides seamless integration with your social media sites. 

Real estate photos you can really do without

If you want to avoid becoming the next viral real estate meme, you need to avoid using bad listing photos. Whether you’re short on funds or not thinking like a professional, having terrible real estate photos can hijack your dreams of becoming a top producer. 

  • A quality photo of a living room with a friendly green bathroom toll collector guarding the hallway. 
  • A spacious basement filled with the stuff of nightmares. 
  • This sunny shot of a living room evokes the feeling of “Nope, nope, and nope!”
  • It’s a good try, but it still doesn’t solve the issue of having to get up in the middle of the night. 
  • For those who spend most of their time in the kitchen, now they can spend ALL their time in it!