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3 CHI THC O Vape Pen - Brookside CBD and Wellness Center

Nov 26

Brookside CBD and Wellness Center's Vape Pens give you immediate relief from pain. They are great to relax, whether you are using them as a tool in your day-to-day routine or just to relax.

3 CHI THC O Vape Pen - Brookside CBD and Wellness Center

What is an THC O Vape Pen?

If you're looking for a discreet method to indulge in your favorite cannabis strains, the CHI THC O Vape Pen is the best choice. The pen comes with a touchscreen that is easy to use as well as it has a ceramic heat chamber which vaporizes cannabis oil quickly and effectively. The elegant design makes it the perfect choice for vaping on the go. At Brookside CBD and Wellness Center, we believe in providing our patients with the best choices for accessing medical cannabis. Don't be afraid to test the CHI THC O vape pen!

How does the THC O Vape Pen work?

The THC O Vape Pen is an electronic vaporizer handheld that utilizes cannabis oil to produce vapor. It is designed for use with dry herb , but can also be utilized with oils and waxes. The THC O Vape Pen has a three-atomizer system that allows users to smoke at various temperatures to customize the experience. The device comes with an LED screen that displays information such as the battery's life, temperature and the remaining herb.

The advantages of a THC O Vape Pen

A THC oil vape pen comes with many advantages. They are very convenient. Smoking THC oil is quick and easy, no matter the location. It is possible to use them at work or at home in the event that you have an outlet with electricity.

You can also regulate the amount of THC oil you use with vape pens. This is important as some users may choose to consume smaller amounts of THC oil for medical reasons , while others may desire larger doses to enjoy recreational usage.

Vape pens are discreet ways to take cannabis. In contrast to smoking marijuana which is visible from afar, vaping cannabis lets you consume without attracting attention.

How do I use a DNA Vaporizer and Which Oil to Choose

The CHI THC O vape pen is a great choice for those looking for discreet methods of vaping cannabis. The disposable cartridges are able to be filled with your preferred oil. It is available in three flavours: Original (mint), Lemonade (lemonade) You can use any kind of CBD or THC oils with the CHI THC O Vape Pen.

Then charge the CHI THC O Vape Pen by either plugging it into an outlet or using the AC adapter. Then, put a cartridge into the chute on the side of the pen. To start vaping, hold down the button on at the top of the pen until it turns green. When you are done smoking, remove the cartridge from the pen and discard it.

We suggest that you begin by using our Classic Oil Cartridge if you are new to vaping cannabis. It is made with high-quality CBD oils and has an astringent flavor that many users will enjoy. It's also possible to test our Lemonade and Mint Cartridges, if you're looking to get something more potent. They have higher CBD levels over the Classic Oil Cartridge, and will provide a stronger vape experience.


If you're looking for a discrete method of smoking cannabis, you should check out the CHI THC O Vape Pen. This device uses cartridges that are filled with BD and Wellness Center's premium strains of THC. The pen is simple to use - just fill it with the desired quantity of cannabis, put the cartridge into the vape pen, and then turn it on. This device produces moderate vapor that can be inhaled effortlessly. This pen for vape is perfect for those who use medical marijuana that require discretion in the use of their medications.

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