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Copen Grand plans for the future of the area include the new Jurong Regional Line

Jul 17

Copen Grand was created with enthusiasm and passion by CDL and MCL Land, as well as by MCL Land, the city of Developments(CDL) and MCL Land. The joint venture is a collaboration between two of Singapore major developers and the brand new Tengah Garden Walk EC will be a beautiful part of the newly built Tengah Estate. Copen Grand EC is also the first executive condominium joint venture that is run by two.

Copen Grand latest news by developers have been successful in finishing many programs. Current development comprise Piccadilly Grand situated in Northumberland Road, Leedoon Green located on Holland Road. Irwell Hill Residences Canninghill Piers situated within Clarke Quay, Sengkang Grand Residences, and a range of other.

Copen Grand improvement to ensure that it is appealing to those who appreciate the luxury of their home. The rental yield is calculated using the calculator available on this site because owners are able to let their property for five years following the day of the minimal occupancy.

The main goal for CDL and MCL Land has always been to provide homeowners with value by building houses that are constructed with the finest quality and are loved by generations to be. This is evident from the numerous awards they've won. Copen Grand EC buyers will have a luxurious life in the city area.

Copen Grand is just a couple of steps from three MRT stations which form part of the recently constructed Jurong Regional Line. First station situated within Tengah Plantation station, closely then followed by Tengah station and Hong Kah station. The future plans of the region include the development of an interchange for buses, and the possibility of the building of a polyclinic gym which residents could use as a facility for sports. It is also close to in the Jurong Innovation District. Jurong Innovation District residents will be capable of living in a modern city once it is completed.

Copen Grand is according to an analyst that the property is anticipated to be sold at a price of between $1,190 and $1.250 for each square foot. This is due to the close proximity of Copen Grand to Jurong Innovation District and the brand new MRT stations in the vicinity. Copen Grand EC developed by developers CDL and MCL will developer about 600 dwelling units. The entire area will be decorated with stunning landscapes throughout the entire region, and will be a perfect blend of the surroundings.

Copen Grand is located in the township being built located in The Tengah estate Tengah Garden Walk of District 24. The executive condominium is being built as a joint venture of CDL along and MCL.

Copen Grand EC will feature 12 towers with 14 stories. They can accommodate five bedrooms to meet the requirements of families as a whole. The community will offer a wide array of amenities available in Copen Grand EC in the near future. Residents will be able to access transportation options like trampolines, the sports centre, there will be a community center as well as several other. The community is located within 2km from Shuqun Elementary School and Princess Elizabeth Primary School. The community is committed to education and plans to provide services to residents of the area. The community has an open bus stop that is mobile and a community center as well as sporting facilities.

Copen Grand will be the first executive condo within the town. It was constructed in The Forest, Tengah Garden District. It is situated in The Garden Walk of Tengah within District 24. The total space comprises 22.020 square metres. The total area for the property is 61.659 square metres. The site on which Copen Grand EC sits was very contested prior the time of opening the auction deadline, that was set for May 20th through 2021. The bidder who came in with the highest bid was Taurus Properties (SG) Pte. Ltd. This joint venture partnership with CDL MCL and CDL MCL was awarded the contract for the amount of $400.32 million, which is equivalent to 600 square feet (psf or ppr).